Prevent Atlanta Tree Removal with Proper Winter Care

The winter is a tough time of year for everyone. It is so cold outside you do not want to even bear it if you don’t have to. When you do go out, you are bundled from head to toe against the cold winter air. Imagine if you had to stand outside all winter long. This is exactly what your trees have to encounter throughout the winter, so providing … Continue reading

The Danger of Tree Loss in Marietta from Bulldozer Blight

Any time there is construction, it means that something new is coming. In Marietta, this is a pretty common occurrence. Of course, whenever there is construction, it is pretty common to see bulldozers in the area. The trouble with bulldozers is they can actually lead to tree loss in Marietta. This is because of direct damage to the tree bark as … Continue reading

The Trouble with Transplanting Trees in Atlanta

Every time you remove a tree in Atlanta, it is necessary by law to plant a new tree in its place. A popular way to do this is to transplant a tree into the spot so that it does not look as if the spot where the tree was is completely bare. There are a few things to pay attention to when transplanting trees in Atlanta. This will help to make sure … Continue reading

Get Decatur Tree Professional Help – Early Fall Leaf Colors Could be a Sign of Trouble

When leaves changes colors early, you may think it look great, but it is actually a cause for concern. This is because one of a few signs which indicate it could be unhealthy. If any of the trees on your property started showing fall colors prior to October, you need the help of a profession to keep your healthy and safe. Trees which are under some … Continue reading

Tips for Planting Shade Trees in Sandy Springs

One of the main reasons why you want to have trees on your property in Sandy Springs is to provide shade. Of course, this does not mean you can just plant any tree you want anywhere you want. You will end up with a tree that is poorly rooted and could create a tree hazard that will leave you and your property in danger. According to the College of … Continue reading

Hang a Tree Swing without Causing Sandy Springs Tree Problems

The iconic image of a home in Sandy Springs, and most of America is a beautiful home surrounded by trees. If you have kids, or you just want something fun in the yard, you may consider purchasing and installing a tree swing. But, can that tree swing cause problems? In fact, when not hung properly, a tree swing can create Sandy Springs tree … Continue reading

How Tree Art Can Lead to Atlanta Tree Removal

Many people have started decorating their trees. Whether carving your initials in the base of the tree, or attempting to create a face in the tree itself, you can cause serious damage to the tree that will lead to the need for Atlanta tree removal services from companies like Atlanta Tree Arbors. This is a very easy problem to avoid. Simply do not … Continue reading

How Sandy Springs Tree Trimming Services Help Eliminate Earwigs

Anyone who has ever encountered an earwig understands that they are not pleasant to look at. The shiny black appearance of the bug and the pincers on the end make it seem as if you are dealing with a very unpleasant insect. Getting rid of them, once they are spotted in or around your home, instantly becomes a high priority. Sandy Springs tree … Continue reading

Reduce Atlanta Tree Dangers with Proper Tree Selection

Planting trees on your property can always be a great way to enhance your home and the rest of your land. Making sure that you have the right kinds of trees will assure that the trees will remain looking good for years to come. There are certain trees that live better in Atlanta than others. Make sure to select these trees when planting them on … Continue reading

Prevent Sandy Springs Tree Removal by Planting Trees with Care

One of the greatest parts about living in Sandy Springs is the great trees growing everywhere around you. Living in the Piedmont region provides fantastic natural environments not shared in many other major cities. This does not mean every homeowner is satisfied with the trees already on the property. Many homeowners also enjoy planting trees on … Continue reading