8 Tree Hazards to Watch for on Your Property

When you have a tree on your property, you need to watch out for certain tree hazards. This is because the tree could fall on your Atlanta home as well as limbs falling on you or those who visit your home. If you know the signs of a tree hazard, you can do something about it before there is a major problem on your property. Here are eight things you should be watching for with the trees on your property.

Regrowth from Pruning

Pruning may be done in order to keep limbs away from the home, your driveway, fences, or electrical lines. As the tree continues to grow, these limbs may grow right back into the danger zone creating a major tree hazard. Maintain awareness of any branches or limbs you might have pruned to see if they might need additional pruning.

Nearby Electrical Lines

Electrical lines can create a major tree hazard. If a tree limb should fall on an electrical line, it could do more than just cut the power to the home. There can be an electric spark which starts a fire in the tree or on your property. Additionally, fallen electrical lines are a major hazard to anyone who might be in the area. If the line is hidden by the fallen branch, someone may be accidentally electrocuted.

Limbs Broken or Partially Attached

tree-hazardLimbs can be broken by strong winds, excessive snow, or as a result of a weak attachment to the trunk itself. If you notice a limb that is broken or not fully attached, it is best to call professional arborists, like those at Atlanta Tree Arbors to remove the limb as quickly as possible. This will remove the possibility the limb will fall on your property or anyone who is on your property.

Trunks or Branches with Open Cavities

An open cavity in the trunk of the tree or in branches is a major sign of a tree hazard. This is because it is an indication that the tree is diseased. As a result, the tree limb may fall off, or the rest of the tree may start to die or decay. Something that may start as a small hole in the tree can quickly become a big gaping hole in the tree.

Branches Dying or Dead

Branches can die because of lack of light or water. They can also die as a result of a wound or a disease in the tree. These limbs are very weak and create a major tree hazard. It does not take much for them to fall off and land on anything below them. The higher and larger the branches are, the more destruction they can cause. Massive limbs can even land on and break limbs below it, leaving the rest of the tree to potentially die. Removing these branches needs to occur as soon as possible.

Multiple Branches Originating from One Point on Trunk

When more than one branch of a tree grows from a single point, this creates a weak attachment to the tree itself and creates the potential for a tree hazard. Something as simple as a strong wind could send the limb flying off of the tree onto the house, your car or an electrical line. When you notice something like this, call an arborist right away to have it inspected further.

Old Wounds with Decay or Rot

Wounds in a tree can result from tree bark carving, nails removed from the trunk or even from cuts. Regardless of how the wound occurred, it creates the possibility for the tree to die, or at least a branch. In these cases, you may only have to remove the branch from the tree, or you will have to invest in complete Atlanta tree removal. A professional arborist can assist you further in making this decision.

Recent Construction or Other Soil Changes

If you have recently undergone any major construction around your home, it can impact the soil levels, the grade or even how compact the soil around the tree is. All of these factors can create problems for your tree to get everything it needs to survive. Have your tree inspected as soon as you complete any construction to see if there is any danger to the tree as a result.

If you suspect you are subject to any of these 8 tree hazards in Atlanta, you can call Atlanta Tree Arbors for assistance. Call to schedule an appointment or to get a quote at 770-256-4599.

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