Atlanta Tree Care Professional Pruning Tips You Need to Know

Any Atlanta tree care professional can look at a tree and tell if it needs branches removed and just how to do it. But, why do you need pruning for trees? There are three main reason people prune trees; tree health, appearance, and functionality. When it comes to tree health, getting rid of dead and broken branches is a must. Think of these as weak points in the tree’s immune system: they leave the tree open to infestations and diseases. You also want to get rid of water sprout (the little branches that shoot straight up) and branches that rub against one another.

As for appearance, if a tree is too full or lopsided, trimming can help create the right balance and the right shape for the style or look that you want.  When it comes to functionality, people may be cutting to improve airflow or light for an adjacent garden. They might also trim to improve the view (like to see a lake or a creek) or to keep the tree from blocking a path or hitting a building. These kinds of trims usually require the help of an Atlanta tree care professional so that the tree isn’t damaged in the process.

The Basics

AtlantaTreeCareProfessionalFirst and foremost, DIY trimming should only ever be considered for small to medium-sized trees. Large trees with heavy branches require heavy materials, lots of climbing, and those big logs can do some real damage when they fall. Also, if your tree requires a chainsaw or a tree saw, you need the help of someone who knows what they’re doing. Can you imagine climbing up a ladder to hack off branches with a chainsaw? The ways that can go wrong are unpleasant at best. Plus, when you call in someone who does this for a living, you can be sure that they get all of the branches that need to go. Your tree care professional will remove the water sprouts, the dead branches, the broken branches, the branches that rub, and any other competing branches.

What to Avoid

When it comes to getting rid of a branches, there is one major thing you will want to avoid. You never want to top a tree if you can help it. Topping a tree means that you cut off the tops of all the branches that have grown too high. This is usually reserved for trees that are in danger of hitting other structures but the result is undesirable. Once a tree has been topped, this usually results in unruly branches that grow way too quickly and you are now forced to top this tree every few years just to keep it at bay. Most professionals will suggest you remove the tree and plant one that is more suited to your needs in its place.

Ask For Help

 If you’re ever unsure of whether your tree needs to be trimmed, or tended to, don’t hesitate to call and ask. The Atlanta tree care professionals at Atlanta Tree Removal can come out and take a look and let you know what work you need. If you have trees in your yard that need some attention, give 678-887-6568 a call and let Atlanta Tree Removal solve your problems!

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