Avoid Atlanta Tree Removal and Make a Leafy Fruit Tree Branch Fruitful

At this point on the summer season many people start to notice that their fruit trees many have had lots of branches, but were sparse of fruit. If this is a tree dilemma you have found yourself in, there are ways to alleviate this issue and turn those leafy branches into fruit bearing branches. The following are some tips you can use to reverse this effect before next summer. In the process, you can avoid needing Atlanta tree removal.

Easy Trick to Make Trees Bear more Fruit

When the shoots on your tree are 1 to 1½ feet long, you will need to weight them down at the tips. This can be done by placing clothes pins on the tips. It can also be done by tying small pieces of wood to the tips. If you are tying wood to the tips, be careful to not select pieces which weigh much more than a clothes pin. Having the pieces of wood weigh too much could so more harm than good to the tree and could even result in needing Atlanta tree removal. After weighing down the tips they should hang lower than the shoot. This will slow down the growth and make the outer buds more fruitful.

Leave the clothespins or wood on the tips until winter. When the weights are removed at this time the branches will maintain their new shape. When spring arrives again weigh down the tips of any additional shoots you want to bear fruit.

Special Trick for Cherry Trees

Atlanta Tree RemovalThe straight, vertical branches of sweet cherry trees tend to promote more vegetative growth. You can reverse this simply by bending the branches of these trees. Tree scientists have found that by bending the branches of these trees 30 to 60 degrees, they will bear more fruit than leaves. This is believed to be because the bending of the branches slows the natural draining of the hormones which are critical in the fruiting process.

Bend Suckers and Water Sprouts

The same trick use to bend sweet cherry trees to make them more fruitful can also be used on suckers and water sprouts. Bending these shoots will also change them from primarily leaf bearing branches to productive fruit bearing branches, but will not harm the tree so much you will need Atlanta tree removal services.

Keep in mind that any suckers which form below the graft union on a grafted tree need to be removed. This is because they have become part of the rootstock. These suckers are not growing from the desired fruiting variety.

Follow these tips and by next summer you will truly be enjoying the fruits of your labor. If you do find you need Atlanta tree removal services, or tree services – including pruning – simply call the experts at Atlanta Tree Arbors today at 678-887-6568.

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