Avoid Costly Sandy Springs Tree Services by Hanging a Hammock Correctly

During the long summers in Georgia, most people think about ways to relax and enjoy the warm weather. One of the wonderful ways to do this is with a hammock. This simple, yet highly comfortable device is a great way to stay cool while enjoying a nap outside. The only thing people worry about is hanging the hammock, and what damage the hammock will do to the tree. Here are some tips to make sure you are hanging the hammock in such a way as to avoid any damage to your tree requiring Sandy Springs tree services.

Learn the Tools to Use

When you are hanging a hammock, it will more than likely come with an eye screw. This is nothing more than a screw with a ring on the end of it to attach your hammock to. Alternatively, some hammocks come with a hook screw. This is the same concept, only it has a hook instead of a screw. These are both a dangerous way to hang a hammock and could lead to the need for extensive Sandy Springs tree services.

Sandy Springs tree services

Sandy Springs tree services

A much better idea when hanging a hammock is to use an eye bolt. The difference between this and an eye screw is the bolt goes all the way through the tree. Nuts are secured on the opposite side of the tree from the ring to have a completely secure way to hang your hammock, plus a guarantee you will not have to call for Sandy Springs tree services.

Why is a Bolt Better?

There are a few reasons why the bolt is a better idea than a screw. The first reason is because a screw does not fasten neatly to the tree. It will eventually pull out of the tree causing injury to whoever is in the hammock and to the tree. The screw is ripped out of the tree leaving an open wound the tree may or may not recover from. Open wounds can become infected and could eventually kill the tree, making Sandy Springs tree services necessary.

When you are using a bolt, the tree will almost immediately seal off the wound and eventually grow around the bolt. This creates a completely secure, as in safe for you, and healthy, as in safe for the tree, way to hang your hammock.

Are There Different Eyebolts?

There are different metals used for eyebolts, but the recommended metal from arborists and Sandy Springs tree services like Atlanta Tree Arbors, is to use stainless steel. This will not rust as easily and protects the health of the tree, so you are able to maintain the life of the tree and the comfort of your hammock.

If you ever have any questions or concerns about hanging a hammock or the health of any tree on your property, do not hesitate to call on Sandy Springs tree services from Atlanta Tree Arbors. Call today to book an appointment or to schedule a tree removal in Atlanta, Sandy Springs or surrounding areas at 404-217-9231.

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