Decatur Tree Care and Maintenance for Mature Trees

Trees are a great investment for any property owner. The proper Decatur tree care and maintenance of mature trees found on a property is an investment which should not be overlooked. Healthy trees increase in value as they age. They add to the value of a property with the beauty they add. Unhealthy trees not only decrease the value of a property, they can also pose several liability issues.

Healthy mature trees not only offer beauty, they also purify the air.  Mature trees offer cooling shade during the summer time and protection from harsh winds in the winter. Offering this type of cooling and protection can help save money on the heating and cooling bills for the home or building they surround.

Regularly scheduled preventative and maintenance performed by a tree professional can promote the health and structural integrity of trees. This type of maintenance will ensure the value of a tree will continue to grow. A professional can also help to guide you through additional steps which you can take to maintain tree health between regular inspections.

Tree Inspection

Decatur tree care and maintenanceHaving your trees inspected regularly can help to identify any changes in a tree’s health which can identify potential disease, environmental issues or insect infestations prior to them becoming damaging conditions. Mature trees should be inspected by a professional at least one time per year. An experienced tree professional will be able to properly identify tree vitality and other important issues such as the absence of crown dieback. This Decatur tree care and maintenance can help your trees to live a longer life and prolong the beauty of your home.

A professional who regularly inspects trees can compare tree growth from one year to the next. This is s key identifier as to whether a tree is healthy or if a tree is about to encounter health issues. A tree professional can also identify problematic issues years before they advance and become costly or dangerous issues.


Having a tree professional inspect your trees can help to prevent trees from having to be removed due to disease, insect infestations or crowding. Tree removal is a last resort; there are some situations when it is necessary. Tree professionals can identify any trees which need to be removed before they cause additional or hazardous situations on your property with proper Decatur tree care and maintenance.

Should you have trees which need to be removed; a professional can help you to replace those trees with new healthy trees.

Properly maintained trees can add both aesthetic and economic value to any property. Trees which are not cared for properly can pose a variety of liability issues for the person who owns the property they are located on. Call today and schedule your annual tree inspection.

Have your trees inspected today by the professionals at Atlanta Tree Arbors for great Decatur tree care and maintenance. You can get the help you need to maintain the beauty on your property today and for years to come when you call the professionals at 678-887-6568.

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