How to Avoid Marietta Tree Removal

The trees on your property are something you are likely to enjoy having around. They add beauty to the property and shade for those long summer days. When properly maintained, trees can remain on your property for as long as you want for them to. You only need to worry about things like tree diseases as well as insects in your trees. These are the two main enemies of trees as well as improper care and natural enemies like other trees. Here are a few tips to make sure you will be able to enjoy your trees for as long as possible and avoid Marietta tree removal.

Trees Need Light and Water to Survive

Marietta tree removal

Marietta tree removal

Trees are plants. They cannot survive without the right amount of light and water. One problem that many trees will encounter is living in the shadow of another tree. This can create a problem in which the tree is not getting the water needed for photosynthesis as well as robbing the soil and leaves of rain water. Further, tree crowding can lead to interference with the roots. If the roots are cut short either by other trees or from developments, it will create an issue in which the tree is not as stable. Weak, underfed or dying trees will need to be removed through Marietta tree removal services.

Disease Can Lead to a Necessary Tree Removal

Among the most common problems for trees is tree disease. This is generally caused by disease that moves from one tree to another. The disease will attack the core of your tree and will create an instability in which the tree can fall over a lot faster. Making sure to look at your trees from time to time or scheduling an arborist to take a look at everything will help you to decide whether you are in need of Marietta tree removal. They will be able to tell you about any diseases that you have on the tree as well as talking about the dangers that the disease can cause.

Insects that Can Weaken Trees

There are a variety of different insects, like the pine beatle, that can cause you trouble in your tree. These insects will boorow into the tree itself and attack it from the center of the tree all the way to the outer rings. Those candidates for Marietta tree removal will have a weak enough structure that they could topple in a strong wind. These are infested with the insects and even if the insects are removed, the damage to the health of the tree is already done.

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