Important Marietta Tree Topping Information Before You Get Started

Topping trees is a practice which many people believe to be beneficial to the health of trees. The reality is that this is a senseless tree maintenance practice. This indiscriminate removal of a majority of tree branches can do a lot of harm to a healthy tree.

The Danger of Topping

Marietta tree topping is a harmful substitute for proper tree pruning. This method of pruning does nothing to make a tree safer.  Attempting to make a tree safer is a common reason why people engage in this harmful practice. Topping actually creates a dangerous situation. This is because the branches which sprout after a tree has been topped have weak attachments to the tree. This makes them more prone to break in weather conditions such as high winds, ice and snow.  This is a serious concern since falling tree limbs can be costly and extremely dangerous.

Keeping Trees Disease Free

marietta tree toppingWhen a tree is topped it causes it to become more prone to disease and damage. This is because improper cuts to a tree make it more prone to disease since these cuts invite decay. Improper tree cuts from Marietta tree topping can also invite insect infestation.

Don’t Starve a Tree

Trees which have been topped can become starved. This is because Marietta tree topping removes many of the leaves which are crucial to delivering proper nutrient for a tree to grow healthy and strong.

Topping is Costly

Topped trees do not keep trees small. The practice actually shortens the life span of a tree. Proper pruning will extend the life a tree and keep it healthy and strong. It is in your best interest to contact a tree professional to have your trees properly pruned and maintained. A tree professional will know what needs to be done to properly prune each tree on your property. They will help to keep your trees safe and strong for years to come.

To make sure you’re getting the right Marietta tree topping today, you may want to call the experts at Atlanta Tree Arbors. Call to schedule an appointment or to inspect your property today. Find out whether Marietta tree topping is right for your home when you call to schedule an appointment at 678-887-6568.

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