Looking to Plant a Spring Tree? What Tucker Tree Professionals Recommend

atlanta-tree-removal-1The best part about spring is the feeling of new life in the air. The sun is finally starting to warm things up, flowers are blooming, and your yard is ready for a little tender love and care. Spring is also a great time to add new plants to your garden, and trees make for a fantastic addition. If you’ve been thinking about adding a few trees to your lawn, here are a few that Tucker tree professionals recommend.

Something Colorful

Eastern Redbud Tree

Eastern Redbud Tree

If you’re keen on a tree that will add a pop of color to your yard, you should consider the Eastern Redbud. It is a flowering tree with a bright pink color. It has a medium growth rate, which will give you plenty of time to shape it as it without having to wait too long before it reaches adulthood. The best thing about this tree? It’s hardy. It can survive most habitats and landscapes, from urban to rural and everywhere in between.

If pink isn’t your ideal color, you could also give the Two-Winged Silverbell a try. While the bloom of this tree is a little more subtle, the beautiful white followers are eye catching to say the least. Tucker tree professionals say this tree fares best in extremely damp environments, however. If you choose this tree, make sure  it will have plenty of water. It grows best by swampy areas or areas with small lakes. It also stays fairly small, which makes its shape easy to manage.

Bigger Can Be Better

If you are looking for a big tree to fill in that whole in your landscape, the Live Oak is an excellent choice. It is most recognized through its large horizontal branches. It makes for a wonderful play thing for the kids or a nice place to sit and rest a spell for the adults. It grows slowly, however, so this is a tree that will take some patience and time to fully appreciate. If you have a sandy soil bed, it will do beautiful things for you.

You might also consider a Willow Oak. This is another beast of a tree, but it has a slightly faster growth rate than the Live Oak. This tree does well in moist soils but has a pretty high tolerance for adverse sites. It makes a great shade tree and has a wonderful shape that doesn’t require much work. Tucker tree professionals highly recommend this for families, as it requires so little attention and yields such great results.

A Bit of Fruit

If you really have your heart set on a tree with some bright, attractive fruit, you should look at the Yupon Holly. It can grow as either a bush or a tree if properly pruned and boasts bright red fruit. If you’re a bird lover, this tree has the added appeal of drawing a crowd. The birds love the fruit and they will spend all day enjoying it, giving you plenty of time to watch them. (Keep in mind the fruit only grows on female trees.)

No matter which tree you pick, remember that it will need care and attention. If you have concerns or need your trees pruned or trimmed, call 678-887-6568. The Atlanta Tree Arbors’ staff can answer your questions and get you the help you need for your trees.


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