Prepare Now for Old Man Winter with Decatur Tree Service

As we bid farewell to summer and head into fall it is time to start thinking about making our property safe for the coming winter season. Al l too often people who fail to start thinking about properly maintain their trees or having certain trees removed from their property run into dangerous situations when harsh winter weather strikes. Know what you need to need to do to protect your family, you and your property with Decatur tree service.

Shedding the Excess Weight

It is not uncommon for trees to have experienced spurts of growth which could make them hazardous in certain weather conditions. Trees which are bearing excessive weight from new growth or not have weight distributed proportionately can be very dangerous.  This is because these trees are prone to being blown down with fast moving winds. They are also more likely to break and fall off under the weight of an unexpected ice storm. The best plan of action to have any excess growth removed prior to the winter season.

Issue with Deadwood

There are several trees which fall each year in Georgia as a result of severe weather conditions. While some of these trees are healthy trees, many of them are trees which have already died. A tree can be dead, but appear to be alive to the untrained eye. If these trees go unattended to by a Decatur tree service tree expert, they remaining stand and can be hazardous in harsh conditions. This is why it’s so important have trees on your property examined annually and have them removed if necessary.

It is impossible for us to know if the following winter season will produce severe and dangerous weather conditions. Responsible property owners know it is better to be prepared for such events than leaving them up to chance. Not addressing these issues can mean putting your family, others and your property at risk.

Trust the Experts

In Georgia, it is not uncommon for people have multiple types of trees on their property. Most people who have various varieties of trees on their land are not experts on each species. This means that they are usually unaware of the proper type of care and maintenance they require to keep them healthy and safe. It is good to have a Decatur tree service tree expert come to your home each year prior to winter and look over your trees. They will give you a proper evaluation of any pruning or removal which needs to be done. Doing this will give you peace of mind if ice storms and other harsh winter conditions sweep through with old man winter.

Don’t leave anything to chance this winter by calling for Decatur tree service from Atlanta Tree Arbors today at 678-887-6568.

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