Prevent Sandy Springs Tree Removal by Planting Trees with Care

One of the greatest parts about living in Sandy Springs is the great trees growing everywhere around you. Living in the Piedmont region provides fantastic natural environments not shared in many other major cities. This does not mean every homeowner is satisfied with the trees already on the property. Many homeowners also enjoy planting trees on their property. If you are so inclined to plant trees on your property, it is of the greatest important to make sure you are being mindful about where you are planting them. You will avoid Sandy Springs tree removal and possible damage to your home.

Plant Far Enough from the Home

Sandy Springs tree removal

Sandy Springs tree removal

Always make sure to leave enough distance between any planted tree and your home. Keep in mind the root structure of trees will expand outwards and may eventually grow into your home. This can cause problems in which your home is being damaged by the tree itself growing against the structure, or in many cases, the roots of the tree will grow into the foundation. When this happens, you will have to do more than just call for Sandy Springs tree removal, you will also have to pay for repairs to your property. Foundation repairs can costs thousands of dollars.

Check for Light Conditions

Trees need a lot of light to be able to grow properly. This does not mean that trees cannot grow side by side, but if one tree is planted in the middle of several trees, the crowns of the existing trees may form a dome that blocks out light from your new sapling. If this should happen, the tree may never grow, or only grow to a certain height before Sandy Springs tree removal is necessary. Trees that grow without enough light can be a danger to the home and those who live in it.

Crowding Dangers for New Trees

Another danger you face if you are planting a new tree is the roots may be in competition with the existing trees. Avoiding Sandy Springs tree removal is simple by making sure to leave enough space in between one tree and the next. If you are unsure about how much space to leave, check in with the nursery where you purchased your sapling and ask them. They will let you know about the expected width the roots will grow. This should be your guide for how far from existing trees to plant your sapling.

No matter what kind of tree you plant, just make sure you are taking the time to plant it far enough from the home, you are checking for light conditions and you are not crowding the other trees. This will give you the best opportunity for a healthy tree you will enjoy for decades to come.

If you are worried about the health of your new tree or any of the trees on your property, Atlanta Tree Arbors is ready to help. We can help with Sandy Springs tree removal, tree inspections and more when you call us at 404-217-9231.

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