Sandy Springs Tree Professionals Can Help Your Grass Grow

Nothing beats lounging under a big shady tree in the heat of summer. It is why so many homes in the Atlanta area have big shady trees in the yard. The trouble with these big shady trees is that while they’re providing a great place to relax, they are also actively killing the grass under it. The shade provided by the tree is choking out the grass and making it impossible for anything to grow. Rather than giving up your lush, soft grass to the shade, there‚Äôs something you can do about it. Sandy Springs tree professionals can help you to get the shade you want while still providing you with the lush grass you desire. You can have the best of both of worlds.

Increase the Amount of Light Getting to the Grass

Sandy Springs Tree ProfessionalsAbsent of removing the tree altogether, you can increase the amount of light getting to the grass through selective pruning. Sandy Springs tree professionals inspect your trees to see which branches may be in danger, are dead or dying, or simply need to be removed to provide more light to the grass. They will remove the limbs paying close attention to the overall health of the tree. Because these professionals are tree experts in the metro Atlanta area, they make sure every cut they make is to benefit not only your grass, but the overall health of the tree. If you were to try to remove the limbs yourself, you could possibly kill the tree or cause damage to your property as a result, according to LSU Ag Center.

Cut Your Grass Longer in the Shade

The grass under the tree is going to get less light even after selective pruning. To make sure your grass is getting all the light it needs, you can simply let the blades grow a little longer. The longer the blades are, he more sunlight they can capture at any given time. Longer grass requires less sunlight to grow and remain healthy. If you have grass like St. Augustine, you should set your lawn mower to a height of 3 inches to assure proper photosynthesis can occur and you’ll have lush green grass to lay on while enjoying the shade from your big tree.

Seed with Shade Loving Grass

No grass loves the shade, but there are some types of grass that can tolerate it. Palmetto is a variety of grass that can easily grow in the shade. Just make sure the grass is not in heavy shade or it will not survive. Also, make sure you do not use too much fertilizer for any grass that grows under trees. Since they receive less light, the grass will simply not grow as fast as the rest of your lawn. It will utilize the nutrients differently, so if you apply too much fertilizer, you may end up killing the grass.

With these tips and the Sandy Springs tree professionals at Atlanta Tree Arbors, you can enjoy the shade of your big tree without killing the grass. Call today at 678-887-6568 to set an appointment or get an estimate today.

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