How Sandy Springs Tree Trimming Services Help Eliminate Earwigs

Anyone who has ever encountered an earwig understands that they are not pleasant to look at. The shiny black appearance of the bug and the pincers on the end make it seem as if you are dealing with a very unpleasant insect. Getting rid of them, once they are spotted in or around your home, instantly becomes a high priority. Sandy Springs tree trimming services, like Atlanta Tree Arbors, can actually help in eliminating these unpleasant bugs from your home, by eliminating some of the overhanging branches that may be causing the problem.

The Environment Earwigs Like

Sandy Springs Tree Trimming Services

Sandy Springs tree trimming services

Before you can start removing earwigs from your home, it helps to understand a little bit about them. These insects prefer a moist, dark environment. It is not uncommon to find them living in dark, damp cellars or in mulch that never completely dries. Areas close to your home with a lot of timber, mulch or overhanging trees can create the perfect environment for earwigs and makes your home susceptible to finding more and more of the insects. Calling Sandy Springs tree trimming services can help to scale back trees and even bushes from your home to eliminate the damp sections.

It is recommended to have up to 12 inches of dry area around the home, but no less than 6 inches. This will create a dry environment the earwigs will not want to cross. They will seek out other environments in which they can find damp, dark areas. Sandy Springs tree trimming services can help to protect your home from falling victim from these rather unattractive and somewhat frightening looking insects.

A Quick Note about Earwigs

While it is true that earwigs are unattractive to look at and they do have the potential to bite you, they are not going to borrow into your ear as legend has it. These insects have been known to go into the ear canal while you are sleeping, but it is highly unlikely that they will. In most cases, earwigs like to stay away from bedrooms, unless you keep the bedroom dark and moist. The most common places to spot them in your home are in the bathroom and in the basement.

If you want to assure that you will not encounter earwigs in your home, it is a good idea to call for Sandy Springs tree trimming services from Atlanta Tree Arbors. Call 404-217-9231 to get an estimate or to schedule an appointment. 

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