Sandy Springs Tree Professionals Can Help Your Grass Grow

Nothing beats lounging under a big shady tree in the heat of summer. It is why so many homes in the Atlanta area have big shady trees in the yard. The trouble with these big shady trees is that while they’re providing a great place to relax, they are also actively killing the grass under it. The shade provided by the tree is choking out the … Continue reading

The Trouble with Transplanting Trees in Atlanta

Every time you remove a tree in Atlanta, it is necessary by law to plant a new tree in its place. A popular way to do this is to transplant a tree into the spot so that it does not look as if the spot where the tree was is completely bare. There are a few things to pay attention to when transplanting trees in Atlanta. This will help to make sure … Continue reading

What Is Required for Removing Trees in Atlanta

The city of Atlanta is known the city of trees. Private and commercial properties alike have trees all around. Part of this is due to natural growth of trees in area. Part is also due to the fact that you cannot just cut down any tree you want to in Atlanta. There are certain protections that are put in place to protect the natural state of the … Continue reading