The Dangers of Tree Removal in Sandy Springs

The heavy storms of summer are ravaging Sandy Springs and causing trees to fall everywhere. Whether the tree falling on your property is on your car, house or just in the yard, you want it gone as soon as possible. There is a real danger in removing trees if you do not know what you are doing. Here are just a few of the danger of tree removal in Sandy Springs you should know about.

The Danger of Cutting Your Own Tree

The very first thing to consider is that when you are cutting a tree, you are running a risk of being hurt. You are dealing with a high powered chain saw that could just as easily slice through your leg as it can the tree you are cutting. If you have to reach parts of the tree that are high up on the house to remove limbs or anything else, you not only run the risk of falling, but the chain saw can easily get loose from you and cause irreparable harm to your body.

Dangerous Limbs Falling

tree removal in Sandy Springs

tree removal in Sandy Springs

If you are able to reach all of the limbs safely and cut through them safely, there is still a danger in tree removal in Sandy Springs. This is due to the limbs that are falling off of the tree as you are cutting it down. Limbs can fall on your property, vehicle or other people. If this happens, there is not going to be any coverage from your insurance company because you caused the accident to happen. Only if you are using professionals, like those at Atlanta Tree Arbors, can you expect that you will be able to safely commission tree removal in Sandy Springs.

Damage to Property Removing Tree Sections

Even if you are able to cut off all the limbs, and section the tree safely, there is still a danger in tree removal in Sandy Springs. This is the damage you might cause to your property. Keep in mind that all of the limbs that you remove from the tree as well as the base of the tree itself will have to be removed. This means that you will likely have to drag the larger pieces to where they can be hauled off by the waste disposal company. You can leave drag marks in your lawn that cannot be repaired easily.

Why the Stump Has to Be Ground

The very last problem you will encounter with tree removal in Sandy Springs is that the stump left from the fallen tree will have to be removed completely. The stump creates a very real danger on your property. Not only do you have to worry about people hurting themselves by tripping over the stump, but you also have to worry about pests trying to make the stump their home. You do not have the equipment to grind the stump, so you will have to bring in an expert regardless.

Don’t take any chances with tree removal in Sandy Springs. Call Atlanta Tree Arbors today to get the help you need at 404-217-9231.

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