Tips for Planting Shade Trees in Sandy Springs

One of the main reasons why you want to have trees on your property in Sandy Springs is to provide shade. Of course, this does not mean you can just plant any tree you want anywhere you want. You will end up with a tree that is poorly rooted and could create a tree hazard that will leave you and your property in danger. According to the College of Architectural & Environmental Sciences, there are certain things that should be paid attention to when you are looking to plant shady trees on your property. You should pay attention to when you are planting the trees as well as where on your property you are planting them. This will allow you to have the best conditions for planting shade trees in Sandy Springs.

When to Plant Shade Trees

The best time to plant shade trees will depend on what kind of tree you are planting. If you are planting one that is balled & burlapped, you should do so in the late fall, winter or early spring. The optimal time to plant this kind of tree is in the late fall. If you are looking to plant a container-grown tree, early to late fall is the best time, but you can plant these throughout the year. For planting shade trees that are bare-root, late winter is the best time, but you can plant from winter to early spring and still get good results.

Where to Plant Shade Trees

planting shady trees

planting shady trees

Now that you know when you should be planting shade trees, it is time to look at where you should be planting them. The best places to plant these trees are on the east and west ends of the home or building. This will allow you to get more shade where you need it the most. Just make sure that when you are planting these trees that you are cognizant of the surrounding vegetation so you are not robbing the nutrients any of the other plants may need, or that the surrounding vegetation will make it impossible for your shade tree to grow.

Short Term Solution Shade Trees

If you are not looking to plant trees that will last for the entire time you own the home, you can consider planting Southern Catalpa, Smooth Sumac and Sweet Gum. These are perfect for planting shade trees that will provide temporary shade for your home while you get the trees you really want. Just make sure you have a plan to replace these trees soon as they are known to have undesirable traits and can create a pest problem. These trees are generally cheap to purchase since they are so undesirable by most people.

If you need assistance with removing a tree or getting help with planting shade trees in Sandy Springs, just call the experts at Atlanta Tree Arbors and they will be glad to assist you. You can schedule a professional arborist to visit your home in Sandy Springs by calling 404-217-9231.

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