Year Round Sandy Springs Tree Maintenance

Keeping trees healthy year round requires regular maintenance. It is important to learn the procedures to incorporate into your specific tree maintenance routine. Here is crucial information about mulching, fertilization and pruning, and tree removal. This information about proper Sandy Springs tree maintenance can help you keep the trees on your property healthy and thriving for years to come.


Mulching trees is crucial since it reduces the environmental stress they can endure. Mulching provides the roots of trees with a more moderate root environment with minimal temperature and moisture changes. Mulches can also eliminate much of the competition from weeds and grass which can take moisture and nutrients away from trees, making this an essential part of Sandy Springs tree maintenance.

Sandy Springs tree maintenanceMulch is made of organic matter such as peat moss, shredded leaves, pine straw and composted wood chips. These organic matters will help to supplement the soil with much needed nutrients as they decompose. For mulch to be the most effective it should be piled 2 to 4 inches deep. It should also cover as much of the root system as possible. When placing mulch around a tree it should be put onto the actual trunk of the tree. A mulch free base around the tree should be 2 inches wide. This will prevent the bark from becoming too moist.

Soil Maintenance

Trees which lack the proper nutrients, pH balance, and drainage and pore space will not grow or develop correctly. Proper fertilization can correct conditions which can limit growth or cause conditions which can kill a tree.

The correct drainage system in good Sandy Springs tree maintenance can help soil from becoming overly saturated. Compacted soils can be tilled mechanically or with the use of compressed air to increase porosity. This can also encourage additional root growth. Caution should be taken to ensure to loosen soil under the drip zone to prevent roots from being damaged.


Pruning is needed in Sandy Springs tree maintenance to remove dead tree limbs and those which have been infested with insects. Pruning can improve tree structure, encourage thriving and reduce several forms of risk. While pruning can offer various benefits, it does cause a permanent wound to a tree. Tree branches should not be removed unless necessary. Tree limb removal requires careful consideration.

Proper tree limb removal requires training, correct tree knowledge and special equipment. Often pruning can involve climbing trees and the use of chainsaws, hand saws, personal safety gear and hearing protection. Having a tree professional performing any pruning which needs to be done on your property is the safest possible option.

Consulting a tree professional for Sandy Springs tree maintenance is a good idea for more than just getting trees pruned. Having your soil tested by a tree care professional can help to determine the type of fertilization and drainage techniques are needed for your trees. Call Atlanta Tree Arbors today and schedule to have a proper evaluation of your trees and soil at 678-887-6568.

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